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During our guided tours through the garden we offer extra theoretical information, but we will also organise several weekend and half day trainings where we will “get dirty” and put different permaculture techniques into practice. You will find below a list of the workshops with their description. Don’t forget to subscribe beforehand since they will be cancelled if we don’t have a minimum of 4 participants.

The day workshops are from 14h - 17h, Costs €45 including drinks. Friends of the garden get €15 discount.  You can stay for dinner that evening (€17.50 p.p.) or if you would like to make a weekend out of it you can stay in one of the safari tents (€42.50 p.p. for a shared accommodation or €70 for a single accommodation).

Workshop schedule 2016

Weekend workshop 23 April : Raised beds, hugel beds, lasagne gardening and above ground gardening

You will learn about the different techniques of above ground gardening. Together we will look at where and how to place above ground garden beds and we will build one together. You will learn about the different layers in lasagne garden beds, mulching and the different possible mulches to use. The different possibilities of planting and water management. From 9-5pm Costs €105 including drinks and lunch

Saturday 7 May: Making a herb and flower spiral together

During this workshop, we will explain the functions and benefits of a spiral. We will give you lots of ideas on what themes and plants you can use and will see a few spirals that are established here. We will of course also give you with a list of interesting plants and flowers for the spirals. A fun workshop also accessible for children. (€10 per child from 5 to 12).

Saturday 21 May: Swales

This is a workshop on the working of swales (ditches on contour). We will explain their different functions and benefits, the do’s and don’ts and how to set them up as well as take a look at the swales already in place at Simply Permaculture. We will also learn how to make useful tools like an A-frame or a bunyip and how to read the land.

Saturday 28 May: Aquaponics; growing veggies and fish at the same time

Aquaponics is a system where aquaculture and hydroponics come together: the fish help you grow vegetables and the vegetables purify the water back for the fish. We will explain the working of an aquaponics system, how to make an auto-siphon (or automatic flush system) and give you examples of fish and veggies to use. We will show you how to build a small system at home as well as provide you with the schematics for a larger aquaponics system and how to make it, should you want to.

Saturday 8 October: Nettles and Comfrey; their benefits for the garden, make your own infusions for plants and how to use them

You will learn about the many benefits of nettles and comfrey for the garden. Together we will also make a nettle and comfrey fertilizer infusion and you will learn how and when to use it in the garden for the benefits of the plants you are growing.

 Saturday 15 October: Making your own vermicomposting system

You will see how easy it is to make your own organic compost and plant fertiliser with the help of a few worms. We will build a smaller system together and show you what the worms like to eat and how to best take care of them. You learn first hand how worm composting is really not stinky or nasty and on how to use the rich worm juice. At the end you will get a small bag of compost and worms if you want to start your own system at home.

Saturday 22 October: Basic land reading skills

In the spirit of “working with nature rather against it” this workshop will give you basic skills and knowledge in order to get to know your own piece of land better and what to do with it according to your own needs, skills and wishes. We will understand the importance of a.o. the following subjects; type of soil, annual course of the sun, prevailing winds, sunny and shady areas, rainfall etc, This is a more theoretical workshop, but we will teach outside and look at how we have applied it to our land at Simply Permaculture.

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